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PetroLine ATG

The ideal extension for simple and intelligent tank data retrieval

PetroLine ATG makes it possible to recall tank contents management data online via a PC browser, tablet or smartphone, at any time and from anywhere in the world. The well-structured and uncluttered user interface is quick and intuitive in its design.

Here you can choose between 2 versions.

Rent solution – PetroLine ATG Cloud Service
The service is administered and operated by Hectronic.

Purchase solution – PetroLine ATG Web Server Software
To be installed and administered by customer on own hardware.

PetroLine ATG enables simply monitoring. Inventory data and alarms can be viewed online at any time and be transmitted by email using the automatic message forwarding function.



Your benefits

  • All tank data can be recalled anywhere and at any time.
  • One, more than one or all stations can be assigned to each user on an individual basis.
  • Fuel suppliers can get limited rights for filling stations in a certain area and can then take care of the deliveries for these stations.
  • No app is required in order to retrieve tank data via smartphone/tablet.
  • Sales partners can run Optavias Head Office and use the PetroLine ATG installation to offer the web service to different smaller customers as a service.



Rent solution:

In order to use the PetroLine ATG Cloud Service, you require OptiLevel HLS probes, a Hectronic controller and an internet connection. Third-party supplier probe systems can also be integrated.


Purchase solution:

In order to use the PetroLine ATG Web Server Software, the Optavias Head Office must have been installed and an internet connection is required for monitoring. You can then get started as soon as your licence has been purchased.

Title Filesize [download]
Data Sheet PetroLine ATG Cloud Service 530KB
Flyer PetroLine ATG Cloud Service 817KB
Data Sheet PetroLine ATG 488KB
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