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OptiLevel Supply

OptiLevel Supply – the transparency interface

OptiLevel Supply is the interface between the higher-level system and the gauges. As an Ex-barrier, the OptiLevel Supply is also responsible for the galvanic isolation of each individual gauge and therefore offers protection against explosions.

The OptiLevel Supply gives you the possibility of addressing up to eight gauges directly via a serial RS232 interface. A connection can then be made to fuel terminals, POS systems, forecourt controllers, back office systems, displays, and so on. Up to four Supplies can be cascaded to control a maximum of 32 HLS gauges.

OptiLevel Supply is available in the following variants:


  • Supply-1: Connection of 1 probe
  • Supply-4: Connection of up to 4 probes
  • Supply-5: Connection of up to 5 probes
  • Supply-8: Connection of up to 8 probes

Title Filesize [download]
Datenblatt OptiLevel Supply 0.9MB
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