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OptiLevel Mineo Touch Controller

Intelligent tank management - Small, Smart, Mineo.

The Mineo OptiLevel Controller is small, powerful and can be deployed universally and flexibly.

The Mineo Touch Controller from Hectronic has a host of versatile functions such as precise fill level measurement, automatic alarm function, delivery recognition, static leak and theft detection and internet connection.

The modern 7″ colour touchscreen provides a user-friendly visualisation of all the relevant tank content data and enables high-performance tank content management for up to 32 tanks.

In addition, the Mineo OptiLevel Touch Controller also offers several digital interfaces enabling optimal communications with external devices (POS, FCC, BOS, LAN, printer, modem etc.). This means that tank fill level data can be called up externally and alarm signals can be forwarded to external systems.

It is possible via an internet connection (DSL and mobile communications) to connect the controller to the Optavias Head Office. This enables central monitoring and transmission of the fill level data.

PetroLine ATG affords an additional opportunity for external presentation. The tank level data of an Optavias Head Office data base are available via internet and can be visualized via a PC browser, tablet or smartphone.

Mineo Interface Extensionboard

If you need more than the interfaces provided by the controller you can add a separate interface board. The “Mineo Interface Extensionboard” provides additional connection possibilities with 2 relays, 6 digital inputs and outputs and 2 serial interfaces.

Mineo Extension IFSF LON

Using the optional Mineo extension IFSF LON, the Mineo controller can be connected directly to an LON network via an IFSF protocol in order to create the connection to the POS or forecourt controller. The extension is simply inserted into the socket provided in the Mineo.

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