Sensor systems

OptiLevel Maxam Controller

The intelligent touch controller

The OptiLevel Maxam controller is an embedded touch controller based for the analysis, monitoring and transmission of fill level data.

The OptiLevel Maxam controller polls the gauges, monitors their status and interprets the data. All the relevant data can be displayed quickly, simply and graphically via the integrated touch screen.


The Maxam controller also offers additional functions such as auto-calibration, shortfall control, delivery recognition, automatic hose allocation as well as static and dynamic detection of leaks (requires the provision of sales data from the POS or forecourt controller).


It is possible via an Internet connection (DSL and mobile communications) to connect the controller to the Optavias Head Office. This enables central monitoring and transmission of the fill level data. Another option for external visualisation is provided by PetroLine ATG. Here, the tank fill level data of an Optavias Head Office database is available via the internet and can be visualised via a PC browser, tablet or smartphone.

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