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HLS 6010 Wireless

HLS 6010 with wireless technology

The wireless solution can be used wherever it is not possible, too expensive or too complicated to retrofit empty pipes for the connection of wired gauges. The data is transferred to the controller through radio waves. The fill level gauge and its wireless module are supplied with power from a battery integrated in the headshell. All the components are located inside the probe headshell. Only the radio antenna is located on the outside and this can be fitted in the manhole pit in the most convenient place for the customer.


OptiLevel Wave is the central collection point for the data of all the wireless fill level gauges. Wireless gauges can also be integrated into an existing network of wired gauges. The OptiLevel Wave can either be connected directly to the host system, or OptiLevel Supply and Wave together to a Mineo Controller.

OptiLevel Repeater

If the distances involved are large, an OptiLevel Repeater must be added to the radio connection as an amplifier. The

OptiLevel Repeater enables the wireless range to be considerably improved.

The HLS 6010 wireless probe transmits the tank level data through radio waves to the OptiLevel Wave (up to 500 meters at unhindered sight). OptiLevel Wave collects the data and transmits it by cable to the higher-level system. If the distances involved are large, a repeater must be added to the radio connection as an amplifier. The repeater receives data from both the OptiLevel Wave and the wireless gauge and retransmits them.

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