PetroPoint Automatic Vehicle Recognition

Efficient, transparent and economical

Automate your fuelling processes with the help of PetroPoint automatic vehicle recognition and profit from superior customer service, security and a high throughput rate of vehicles.

PetroPoint can be easily fitted to almost every vehicle. Whether bus companies, public transport operations, shipping companies or vehicle fleet operators from all branches of industry – all of them profit from PetroPoint!

From public filling stations to small company filling stations up to large fleets, the system can be integrated without any problems into the existing filling station architecture. Thanks to a modular structure, we can tailor the automatic vehicle recognition to your customer needs and thus subsequently contribute to optimising your vehicle fleet management.


You can choose from two variants depending on the area of use:

PetroPoint Retail

PetroPoint Fleet+


PetroPoint Retail is perfect for large vehicle fleets, but also for public filling stations. This system is based purely on vehicle recognition.

Installation is very simple in this case and simply involves a transponder being attached to the tank filler neck, a transmitter to the fuel nozzle, and a receiver in the fuel terminal.


Along with vehicle recognition, PetroPoint Fleet+ also transmits the mileage, operating hours and driver identification data (optional) to the receiver. In addition to the components of PetroPoint Retail, the Fleet+ variant also requires a vehicle transmitter to be fitted and, optionally, a driver antenna.

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