Hectronic is an owner-managed, medium-sized family business and offers innovative, intelligent and
user-friendly solutions for operators and users in the areas of parking space, petrol station and tank
content management.

We are a modern and attractive employer. Our success is based on the cooperative relationship with
our employees. Motivation, reliability and responsibility define our corporate culture.

The intensive cooperation between the different units of the group taps synergies and allows us to
successfully realise even complex customer projects with a high service share.

We face the dynamic changes in the market and are a competent and reliable partner.

In order to recognise and actively shape market trends and customer requirements we maintain an
intensive dialogue with our customers. We are successful in our core markets and strive for a market
share that will allow us to shape the developments and increase the market share.

We invest into the future of digitization, work on the targeted extension of our product portfolio and
build up new business areas and business models. To do so, we are ready to provide the required

Our activities shall entail as much benefit as possible for all stakeholders with minimum environmental
impact and fair social conditions. With EcoDesign we follow the principles of sustainability.

We are and will remain a healthy and stable company. Even though our activities are not geared towards
profit maximization we strive for a profit that allows to implement our objectives and finance reasonable

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