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15. January 2015

New AS24 chip card ticks all the boxes in terms of security

The entire network of Hectronic-equipped petrol stations operated by AS24, a subsidiary of the French Total group, is currently undergoing extensive improvements to incorporate enhanced hardware and software for processing the new AS24 fleet card, which is based on the EMV chip. This means that the network of 700 petrol stations, spread across 25 European countries, is now able to take advantage of the new generation of cards, based on EMV chip technology, at all of its locations. This new technology represents a significant step towards the secure and pioneering processing of fleet cards, a field in which AS24 is taking a leading role among fleet card issuers.

When these cards are used in combination with online authorisation, not only can customer limits be effectively managed in real time, but the cards can also be enabled and disabled from a central location. Thanks to the anti-skimming technology that it has developed in cooperation with Hectronic, combined with the EMV-based chip cards, AS24 has taken a major step in the fight against fraud and manipulation

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